Commissions are closedHey, thank you for your interest in my commissions! just HEADS UP I have a very bad wrist injury, so I draw slowly! it won't be more than a 2-month wait and im comfortable with refunds if I do end up taking a bit to long! <3Please readInformation about Commercial commissions:
i accept commercial commissions, the price will be discussed over email depending on the purpose .
i will draw:
♡ slight NSFW (suggestive; lewds )
♡ furry/ anthros
I wont draw:
✗ full nsfw/fetish work
✗ machines or heavy armor
♡PayPal or kofi Only
♡I accept payment before i start
♡reference: I can work off descriptions and random images put together, but this will cost extra depending on how much i have to put together myself !
How to order
full in the form, or email [email protected]
Business inquiry:
[email protected]
Full in the form here to order ♡pRICES BELOW:


Headshots are from shoulders upwards , they are focused on character faces and expressions. They come with a simple background !

|BUST : 150 USD|

Busts are normally from hips upwards, focus on body and interesting posses ( perspective, personality ) These come with a simple background

|FULL PIECE : 270 - 350 USD|

Full pieces come with a fully rendered background or Interesting misc backgrounds, I can do multiple characters but it will cost 80 USD per extra character. These commissions are more focused on telling a story or showing more of a character and their traits !
NOTE: these pieces might take a bit longer then 2 months due to the largeness and the price will be split 50% upfront and 50% on finish

|CHIBI : 80 USD|

Full body chibis, ill add a free object/ theme that correlates with your character!


Two headshots in chibi style, a single piece is 40 USD. They can be interacting with each other .

You can find the Form here
or email me at [email protected]